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Click to enlargeIn Some Foreign Field: <br>Four British Graves and <br>Submarine Warfare on <br>the North Carolina Outer Banks

L. VanLoan Naisawald

This book presents the graphic and sad story of the British anti-submarine trawler Bedfordshire and the German submarine U-558. Off Cape Lookout on a fateful night in 1942, the submarine torpedoed the Bedfordshire and killed her crew. Four of the courageous British crewmen remain buried today in an Ocracoke Island cemetery visited each tourist season by hundreds of Americans and other travelers. The cemetery is a special place of remembrance for coastal North Carolinians, many of whom can recall personally the dangers that lurked along the Outer Banks during World War II.

This revised edition contains photographs of the Bedfordshire, members of her crew, the German submarine U-558, and the
British cemetery on Ocracoke Island.

Paperbound. Pp. x, 99. Illus. Index. (1997) (t)


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