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Click to enlargeVolume: 17:<br>Junior Reserves<br>North Carolina Troops

Edited by Matthew M. Brown and Michael W. Coffey

The Junior Reserves were 17-year-old boys drafted
in the last year of the Civil War, as the Confederacy
faced a disastrous shortfall in manpower. Between
the spring and fall of 1864, North Carolina raised
eight battalions of Junior Reserves that were later
consolidated into three regiments and one independent
battalion. These young men were originally intended
to guard bridges and depots in North Carolina, but the
exigencies of the war drew them into combat. The men
of the Junior Reserves saw action in a number of minor
clashes in eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia, as well as in the battles of
Fort Fisher and Bentonville.

An authoritative 120-page history of the Junior Reserves begins the volume. The history
is followed by a complete roster and service records of the officers and men that served
in the Junior Reserves. A thorough index completes the volume.

Hardbound. Pp. xvi, 509. Illus. Index. (2009)


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