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Click to enlargeFarming Dissenters:<br>The Regulator Movement <br>in Piedmont North Carolina

Carole Watterson Troxler

The Regulator Movement grew from the frustration of North Carolina’s backcountry residents—frustration with local officials who ran their offices for personal gain, disregarding the rights of the residents—frustration with a complicated land grant system that did not guarantee clear ownership of land—frustration with a colonial legislature dominated by eastern political and economic interests.

In this new study, Dr. Carole Troxler steps back more than two decades before the pivotal Battle of Alamance (May 16, 1771) to examine the issues and their cultural context that fostered the Regulator Movement and determined its progress, and political aftermath. This is the story of local government more interested in its needs than those of its constituents—and of settlers steeped in the Dissenter religious culture who drew on its political orientation to risk activism often cited as a prelude to the American Revolution.

Paperbound. Pp. xiii, 221. Illus. Index. (2011) (t)


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