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Click to enlargeRebels and King's Men: <br>Bertie County in the <br>Revolutionary War

Gerald W. Thomas

North Carolina actively supported the rebellion against Great Britain that precipitated the Revolutionary War. However, support for breaking the ties to the British throne was not unanimous throughout the colony (later state), including in Bertie County.

Rebels and King’s Men documents the contributions of Bertie citizens to the war effort and chronicles their service and sacrifices. Men from the county served in significant numbers in North Carolina’s Continental Line regiments and companies of the county’s detached militia. Contrarily, a segment of the populace devoutly supported King George III and became entwined in a Loyalist conspiracy that sprouted in the northeastern region of North Carolina during the spring and summer of 1777. The plot, once exposed within Bertie and neighboring counties, was quickly and thoroughly crushed by Whig leaders. Rebels and King’s Men portrays the overall dedication of a small rural community to freedom and democracy—the underpinnings of the American experience.

Paperbound. Pp. xvii, 221. Illus. Index. (2013) (t)

Gerald W. Thomas, a native of Bertie County, is a former congressional auditor and retired federal executive.


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