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North Carolina Civil War Document and Maps Set

This set includes one (1) copy of each of the following:
  • The Secession Ordinance (1861) is the document that severed North Carolinaís ties to the Union.
    This reproduction includes a full transcription of the handwritten document.
  • The Map of North Carolina, 1861-1865, locates the principal forts, towns, railroads, and military engagement fought in the state during the Civil War. [Not pictured in the composite image above.]
  • The Colton Map (1861) displays in great detail of all of North Carolina and South Carolina and
    bordering sections of Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. It includes the intricate network of railroads
    that was created in the antebellum period and that was so important during the Civil War.
  • The Bachmann Map (1861) is a pictorial birdís eye view of the Atlantic coast from the Virginia-North Carolina border to Savannah, Georgia, and inland to the Appalachian Mountains. Of particular interest
    are the coastal defenses and the depiction of the Union capture of Fort Hatteras.
  • The U.S. Coast Survey Map (1865) is the most accurate map of North Carolina at the end of the
    Civil War and is significant for its detailed depiction of the western mountain region.

The North Carolina Civil War Document and Maps Set offers a 28% savings off the cost of purchasing the Secession Ordinance and the four maps separately.

No other discounts apply.


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