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Click to enlarge"Journal of a Secesh<br>Lady": The Diary of <br>Catherine Ann Devereux <br>Edmondston, 1860-1866

Edited by Beth G. Crabtree and James W. Patton

Catherine Edmondston was the wife
of a prominent planter in Halifax Co., N.C. An avid reader of newspapers,
she commented extensively on the
Civil War. Her diary reveals family,
class, and sectional ties, while providing an intimate glimpse of plantation life, women’s responsibilities, and home-front conditions during the war. Kate described herself as a diehard “secesh lady” and was uncompromisingly prosouthern in her loyalties.

The volume's dust jacket features the only known likeness of Kate Edmondston,
which was discovered in 1993.

Hardbound. Pp. xxxviii, 850. Illus. Index. (4th printing, 1999)

Thirteen (13) copies of "Journal of a Secesh Lady" remain in inventory.
When these copies are sold, "Journal of a Secesh Lady" will be out of print and there are no plans to reprint this book.


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