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Click to enlargeHalifax Resolves, <br>April 12, 1776

Fascimile reproduction (portion). The feeling of dissatisfaction
grew in the colonies, though hope for reconciliation with England continued throughout 1774 and 1775. The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge on February 27, 1776, made many realize the inevitability
of independence. North Carolina's Fourth Provincial Congress
met at Halifax on April 4, 1776, where a committee was appointed
to consider the grievances the colonists had against British rule.
On April this group submitted a report—the first expression by
a colony in favor of full and final separation from Britain—which
the Congress adopted. The resolves also recommended that the Continental Congress, as the representative of all the colonies,
should declare independence. The date April 12, 1776, is shown
on the North Carolina state flag. (t)


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