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Click to enlarge"That Magnificent Army <br>of Youth and Peace": <br>The Civilian Conservation <br>Corps in North Carolina, <br>1933-1942

By Harley E. Jolley

In 1933 an act of Congress created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to counter the hopelessness felt by millions of young men in the depth of the Great Depression. These young men (age 18 to 25) were set to the task of restoring land wasted by over farming, clear cut timbering, and erosion. The results of their efforts are recreational resources such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In this landmark study, the establishment of the CCC in North Carolina is discussed, camp life is recounted in great detail, and the accomplishments of the Corps are examined. Separate chapters present the involvement of African Americans and the Cherokee in North Carolina's CCC efforts. Ninety black-and-white illustrations bring the story of "That Magnificent Army" to life.

Paperbound. Pp. vii, 167. Illus. Index. (2nd printing, 2009) (t)


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