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Civil War North Carolina

North Carolina and the<br>Coming of the Civil WarNorth Carolina and the
Coming of the Civil War

Secession Ordinance (1861)<br>[complete text facsimile]Secession Ordinance (1861)
[complete text facsimile]

"Journal of a Secesh<br>Lady": The Diary of <br>Catherine Ann Devereux <br>Edmondston, 1860-1866"Journal of a Secesh
Lady": The Diary of
Catherine Ann Devereux
Edmondston, 1860-1866

North Carolina as a<br>Civil War Battleground,<br>1861-1865North Carolina as a
Civil War Battleground,

Map of North Carolina, <br>1861-1865Map of North Carolina,

North Carolina Civil War Document and Maps SetNorth Carolina Civil War Document and Maps Set
Civil War <br>Sesquicentennial Poster <br>No. 1Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 1

Civil War Troops RosterCivil War Troops Roster
Civil War <br>Sesquicentennial Poster <br>No. 2Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 2

The Civil War in<br>Coastal North CarolinaThe Civil War in
Coastal North Carolina

Civil War<br>Sesquicentennial Poster<br>No. 3Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 3

Bachmann Map 1861Bachmann Map 1861
Sherman's March through <br>North Carolina: A ChronologySherman's March through
North Carolina: A Chronology

Colton Map 1861Colton Map 1861
Divided Allegiances:<br>Bertie County during<br>the Civil WarDivided Allegiances:
Bertie County during
the Civil War

A Johnny Reb Band from Salem:<br>The Pride of TarheeliaA Johnny Reb Band from Salem:
The Pride of Tarheelia

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Letters to the Home Circle:<br>The North Carolina Service of <br>Pvt. Henry A. Clapp, 1862-1863Letters to the Home Circle:
The North Carolina Service of
Pvt. Henry A. Clapp, 1862-1863

Letters from a North Carolina <br>Unionist: John A. Hedrick to <br>Benjamin S. Hedrick, 1862-1865Letters from a North Carolina
Unionist: John A. Hedrick to
Benjamin S. Hedrick, 1862-1865

Civil War Letters SetCivil War Letters Set
Worthy of Record: <br>The Civil War and <br>Reconstruction Diaries of <br>Columbus Lafayette TurnerWorthy of Record:
The Civil War and
Reconstruction Diaries of
Columbus Lafayette Turner

The Gilmer Map ca. 1863The Gilmer Map ca. 1863
U.S. Coast Survey Map 1865U.S. Coast Survey Map 1865
Records of the Moravians<br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XII, 1856-1866Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XII, 1856-1866

Records of the Moravians <br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XIII, 1867-1876Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XIII, 1867-1876

Moravian Records SetMoravian Records Set
The Papers of <br>William Woods HoldenThe Papers of
William Woods Holden

The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 1, 1843-1862.The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 1, 1843-1862.

The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 2, 1863The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 2, 1863

The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 3, 1864-1865The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 3, 1864-1865

Zebulon Baird Vance<br>Papers SetZebulon Baird Vance
Papers Set

Phantom Pain: North Carolina's <br>Artificial-Limbs Program <br>for Confederate VeteransPhantom Pain: North Carolina's
Artificial-Limbs Program
for Confederate Veterans

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North Carolina during ReconstructionNorth Carolina during Reconstruction
North Carolina Petitions <br>for Presidential Pardon, <br>1865-1868 (An Index)North Carolina Petitions
for Presidential Pardon,
1865-1868 (An Index)

State Troops and Volunteers: <br>A Photographic Record of <br>North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers <br>Volume 1State Troops and Volunteers:
A Photographic Record of
North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers
Volume 1

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