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Civil War North Carolina

North Carolina and the<br>Coming of the Civil WarNorth Carolina and the
Coming of the Civil War

Secession Ordinance (1861)<br>[complete text facsimile]Secession Ordinance (1861)
[complete text facsimile]

"Journal of a Secesh<br>Lady": The Diary of <br>Catherine Ann Devereux <br>Edmondston, 1860-1866"Journal of a Secesh
Lady": The Diary of
Catherine Ann Devereux
Edmondston, 1860-1866

North Carolina as a<br>Civil War Battleground,<br>1861-1865North Carolina as a
Civil War Battleground,

Map of North Carolina, <br>1861-1865Map of North Carolina,

Civil War <br>Sesquicentennial Poster <br>No. 1Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 1

Civil War Troops RosterCivil War Troops Roster
Civil War <br>Sesquicentennial Poster <br>No. 2Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 2

The Civil War in<br>Coastal North CarolinaThe Civil War in
Coastal North Carolina

Civil War<br>Sesquicentennial Poster<br>No. 3Civil War
Sesquicentennial Poster
No. 3

Bachmann Map 1861Bachmann Map 1861
Sherman's March through <br>North Carolina: A ChronologySherman's March through
North Carolina: A Chronology

Colton Map 1861Colton Map 1861
Divided Allegiances:<br>Bertie County during<br>the Civil WarDivided Allegiances:
Bertie County during
the Civil War

A Johnny Reb Band from Salem:<br>The Pride of TarheeliaA Johnny Reb Band from Salem:
The Pride of Tarheelia

Letters to the Home Circle:<br>The North Carolina Service of <br>Pvt. Henry A. Clapp, 1862-1863Letters to the Home Circle:
The North Carolina Service of
Pvt. Henry A. Clapp, 1862-1863

Letters from a North Carolina <br>Unionist: John A. Hedrick to <br>Benjamin S. Hedrick, 1862-1865Letters from a North Carolina
Unionist: John A. Hedrick to
Benjamin S. Hedrick, 1862-1865

Civil War Letters SetCivil War Letters Set
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Worthy of Record: <br>The Civil War and <br>Reconstruction Diaries of <br>Columbus Lafayette TurnerWorthy of Record:
The Civil War and
Reconstruction Diaries of
Columbus Lafayette Turner

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The Gilmer Map ca. 1863The Gilmer Map ca. 1863
U.S. Coast Survey Map 1865U.S. Coast Survey Map 1865
Records of the Moravians<br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XII, 1856-1866Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XII, 1856-1866

Records of the Moravians <br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XIII, 1867-1876Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XIII, 1867-1876

Moravian Records SetMoravian Records Set
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The Papers of <br>William Woods HoldenThe Papers of
William Woods Holden

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The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 1, 1843-1862.The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 1, 1843-1862.

The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 2, 1863The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 2, 1863

The Papers of<br>Zebulon Baird Vance,<br>Volume 3, 1864-1865The Papers of
Zebulon Baird Vance,
Volume 3, 1864-1865

Phantom Pain: North Carolina's <br>Artificial-Limbs Program <br>for Confederate VeteransPhantom Pain: North Carolina's
Artificial-Limbs Program
for Confederate Veterans

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North Carolina during ReconstructionNorth Carolina during Reconstruction
State Troops and Volunteers: <br>A Photographic Record of <br>North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers <br>Volume 1State Troops and Volunteers:
A Photographic Record of
North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers
Volume 1

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