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Guide to County Records <br>in the North Carolina<br>State Archives<br>(2009 Revised Edition)Guide to County Records
in the North Carolina
State Archives
(2009 Revised Edition)

The Formation of the<br>North Carolina Counties,<br>1663-1943The Formation of the
North Carolina Counties,

North Carolina Headrights: <br>A List of Names, 1663-1744North Carolina Headrights:
A List of Names, 1663-1744

From Ulster to Carolina:<br>The Migration of the<br>Scotch-Irish to Southwestern<br>North CarolinaFrom Ulster to Carolina:
The Migration of the
Scotch-Irish to Southwestern
North Carolina

Records of the Moravians<br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XII, 1856-1866Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XII, 1856-1866

Records of the Moravians <br>in North Carolina:<br>Volume XIII, 1867-1876Records of the Moravians
in North Carolina:
Volume XIII, 1867-1876

An Index to North Carolina <br>Newspapers, 1784-1789An Index to North Carolina
Newspapers, 1784-1789

The Gilmer Map ca. 1863The Gilmer Map ca. 1863
North Carolina Votes <br>on the Constitution: <br>A Roster of Delegates<br>to the State Ratification<br>Conventions of 1788<br>and 1789North Carolina Votes
on the Constitution:
A Roster of Delegates
to the State Ratification
Conventions of 1788
and 1789

Chart Showing the Origin <br>of North Carolina CountiesChart Showing the Origin
of North Carolina Counties

Outline Map of North Carolina <br>Giving Names of the CountiesOutline Map of North Carolina
Giving Names of the Counties

Map Showing the Formation <br>of North Carolina CountiesMap Showing the Formation
of North Carolina Counties

North Carolina Troops,<br>1861-1865: <br>A Roster <br>(Volumes 1-19)North Carolina Troops,
A Roster
(Volumes 1-19)

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<i>North Carolina<br>Historical Review</i>:<br>Supplement to<br>Fifty-Year Index,<br>1974-1983North Carolina
Historical Review
Supplement to
Fifty-Year Index,

Phantom Pain: North Carolina's <br>Artificial-Limbs Program <br>for Confederate VeteransPhantom Pain: North Carolina's
Artificial-Limbs Program
for Confederate Veterans


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