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Industry in North Carolina

Gold Mining in North Carolina:<br>A Bicentennial HistoryGold Mining in North Carolina:
A Bicentennial History

Gold in History,<br>Geology, and Culture:<br>Collected EssaysGold in History,
Geology, and Culture:
Collected Essays

The Textile Industry<br>in North Carolina:<br>A HistoryThe Textile Industry
in North Carolina:
A History

Entering the Auto Age: <br>The Early Automobile in <br>North Carolina, 1900-1930Entering the Auto Age:
The Early Automobile in
North Carolina, 1900-1930

Sketches in North Carolina<br>USA, 1872 to 1878:<br>Vineyard Scenes<br>by Mortimer O. HeathSketches in North Carolina
USA, 1872 to 1878:
Vineyard Scenes
by Mortimer O. Heath


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