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Click to enlargeNathaniel Macon <br>of North Carolina: <br>Three Views of <br>His Character and Creed

William S. Price, Jr.

Nathaniel Macon (1758–1837), a Warren County native, entered public service in 1781 when he was elected to the North Carolina Senate. He later served North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives (1791–1815) and in the U.S. Senate (1815–1828). During this period he held numerous important positions in the Congress and was respected by his peers. Thomas Jefferson hailed Macon as “the last of the Romans” for his steadfast devotion to Republican ideals.

The three essays in this volume illuminate Nathaniel Macon’s character, motivations, and values as demonstrated in his life and career—his agrarianism, his beliefs, his personality, his milieu, his politics, and, above all, his steadfast devotion to what he believed to be the legacy of the American Revolution.

Paperbound. Pp. x, 87. Illus. Index. (2008) (t)

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